The champion always saves the day

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The Champion always saves the day


Follow the Food Analysis Champion on his journey through food production. Take a look at the animation and download his guidebook.

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Download Guidebook

Incoming Goods Inspection

Volume 1: Beat the clock in incoming goods inspection. Download Volume 1 of the Champion's Guidebook and discover how you can speed up your processes. In addition, find Application Notes for your specific industry.

Download Volume 1


Volume 2: Beat the costs in production. Download Volume 2 of the Champion's Guidebook and find out how to save money while monitoring your production lines. In addition find in-depth know-how on batch and continuous NIR methods and industry-specific parameters.

Download Volume 2

Final goods inspection
Final goods inspection

Volume 3: Deliver fast, efficient and precise quality control in your final goods inspection. Download Volume 3 of the Champion's Guidebook to improve your workflows for fat, protein and contaminants analysis. In addition, update yourself on legal topics and find applications fitting your industry.

Download Volume 3

Join our Extreme NIR Journey

BUCHI food solution videos

Join our Extreme NIR Journey

Applicative fit, extreme robustness and simple operation are the key features of the NEW BUCHI ProxiMate NIR. Analyze your samples right next to the production line.

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BUCHI food solution videos

We have put together a video playlist for you. See for yourself how our products work for the food industry.

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Find specific applications

Would you like to know if we already have examples of our products used to analyse your specific matrices? Visit our Application Finder and download the Application Notes.

Application Finder