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Solutions for Environmental Analysis

Enhancing productivity & quality in laboratory routine

Determining pollutants in environmental and food matrices requires efficient sample preparation. BUCHI offers a wide range of systems for reliable, efficient, flexible and safe sample processing procedures in the laboratory work flow to enhancing productivity and quality.


Ingenious solutions for your matrices – covering a wide variety of analytes

A clean and safe environment is a pre-requisite for health and quality of life. BUCHI contributes to this by providing market-leading solutions for sample preparation and analysis to a wide range of industrial companies, environmental testing labs, consultants, and government authorities. Our solutions comprise sample preparation and testing of air, soil, sediment, sewage sludge, waste and waste water to assess their quality with impact on health and the environment.

Voice of the customer

“SpeedExtractor is an exhaustive, reliable and quick system for the extraction of environmental samples."

S. Losada, CEFAS, UK


Soil, sludge, sediment

Matrix: soil, sediments, sludge, brownfields

Analytes: PCDD/PCDF, PAH, PCB, flame retardants (BFR, PBDE), TPH, pesticides, Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen (TKN), trace and heavy metals, ammonia

Compliant with e.g. EPA 1613B, EPA 1664, EPA 1668B, EPA 3540C, EPA 3541, EPA 3545A, EPA 8082A, EPA 8290A, EPA 8270, EPA 9071, ISO 10382, ISO 11261, ISO 11466, ISO 13859, ISO 16703, ISO 18287


  • «Extraction Throughput»
  • «Extraction Universal»
  • «Digestion & Distillation»
  • «Dumas for environmental monitoring»
  • «Reflux Digestion»
  • «Parallel Evaporation Pre-Analytical»




Matrix: e-waste, recycled material, polymer waste, bio waste

Analyte: restriction of hazard substances (RoHS): PBDEs and PBBs, lead and cadmium from electrical and electronic products, trace and heavy metals

Compliant with e.g. EPA 8270, IEC 62321, Directive 2002/95/EC, EN 14039, DIN EN 15308, ISO 16797


  • «Extraction Throughput»
  • «Extraction Universal»
  • «Reflux Digestion»
  • «Parallel Evaporation Pre-Analytical»
Environmental_waste water

Water and waste water

Matrix: municipal and industrial water discharges, water from sanitation, surface water, run-off from fertilized lawns, animal manure and storage areas

Analyte: PAH, PCB, TPH, flame retardants (BFR, PBDE), Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen (TKN), phenol, cyanide, formaldehyde, chemical oxygen demand (COD), ammonia, nitrate and nitrite, phosphate

Compliant with e.g. EPA 8081, EPA 8082A, EPA 9010C, EN 38414-20, AOAC 973.48, ISO 5663, ISO 9377-2 (DIN H53), DIN 38406-E5-2, NEMI D6303


  • «Digestion & Distillation»
  • «Reflux Digestion»
  • «Parallel Evaporation Pre-Analytical»


Matrix: ambient air, stack gas, incineration, cas exhaust and fly ash

Analyte: PCDD/PCDF, PCB, ammonia

Compliance: EPA 3542A, EPA TO-4A, EPA TO-9A, EPA TO-10A, EPA TO-13, EN 1948


  • «Extraction Throughput»
  • «Extraction Universal»
  • «Digestion & Distillation»
  • «Parallel Evaporation Pre-Analytical»

Discover the BUCHI solutions for environmental analysis

Our portfolio for environmental testing comprises of five sample preparation methods and supplementary application tools. They allow you to perform classical Soxhlet and hot extraction, pressurized solvent extraction, solid phase extraction, acid digestion and steam distillation.

SpeedExtractor Syncore

You want to analyze various pollutants contained by byproducts of processes and materials contaminating our environment? We offer sample preparation solutions by pressurized solvent extraction with the SpeedExtractor E-914/ E-916 for the analysis of persistant organic pollutants (POPs) and other contaminants. The parallel format of the SpeedExtractor is ideally complemented by the parallel evaporation to pre-defined volumes using Syncore®Analyst. The paired system of SpeedExtractor and Syncore® Analyst allows the direct transfer of collection vials without any sample loss.

Unidade de Extração E-800

You need a most flexible solution for the sample preparation step.  We offer automated Soxhlet extraction and complementary evaporation solutions which are a proven preparation technique of pollutants like PCBs. The  UniversalExtractor E-800 is an automated true Soxhlet extraction instrument and compliant to official methods. Experience contamination-free and inert extraction, and reach low detection limits thanks to the larger sample volume option. The extracts can be evaporated or concentrated using Syncore®Analyst.

KjelFlex K-360

You have to deal with various applications for monitoring or determining environmental parameters such as nitrogen, ammonia or other steam volatile compounds? BUCHI’s versatile solutions for digestion and steam distillation cover a broad range of applications in solids, waste water, waste and air. The KjelFlex K-360 can be used for ammonia/ nitrogen determination and other steam volatile compounds, thanks to dedicated accessories and variable sample tube sizes. Discover also the combination of KjelMaster K-375 and KjelSampler K-376/K-377 for a fully unattended process and high-sample thoughput.

The monitoring of nitrogen content in soil is important to maximize plant growth. You look for a simple and automatic technique which allows fast analysis with excellent reproducibility. BUCHI’s DuMaster D-480 guarantees the demand for enhanced sample throughput, reduction of operational costs and minimization of human errors.

HydrolEx H-506

You need to analyze heavy metals in soil, sewage sludge or electronic waste? With BUCHI’s Solution “Reflux Digestion” you digest up to 12 samples simultaneously at homogeneous conditions to transfer the analyte into the measurable property for final ICP analysis. The modular setup of the SpeedDigester K-439 with dedicated accessories allows for various other applications like Kjeldahl and COD.

Syncore® Analyst

You are looking for the most efficient and sustainable way of parallel sample evaporation. Environmental soil, waste, water and air samples are usually extracted with an organic solvent which is subsequently concentrated before final analysis to overcome detection limits. Use Syncore®Analyst for time saving, sustainable and highly efficient concentration with maximum reproducibility and highest recovery rates.