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Simplify and speed-up your testing tasks

Discover the benefits of BUCHI's solutions for the polymer and plastics industry. Speed-up your polymer extractions and simplify your testing tasks for process and quality control, research and development.  

Replace your manual extraction glassware and use our automated Soxhlet extraction system for high precision and reduced user intervention.

Increase productivity by extracting and concentrating six samples in parallel with our pressurized solvent extraction and parallel evaporation units.

Measure controlling parameters on-line or at-line with NIR for real-time process monitoring.

polymers masterbatch

Benefit from our knowledge and experience

What are the challenges in your laboratory routine? BUCHI supports you in your daily work not only by providing high quality solutions but also sharing application expertise and experience. Our solutions include innovative and trusted products for the entire process workflow, personalized application support, easy-to use data management and professional maintenance.

Discover dedicated application notes and case studies for polymer extraction and testing tasks in your field of activity and simplify your laboratory activities.


Reduce time from sampling to analysis significantly by using BUCHI solutions. Control your production process online or at-line and ensure high quality of your masterbatches and the specific properties of tailor-made compounds.

Typical applications:

  • control of polymerisation process/ crosslinked share
  • residuals from production process as fatty acid amides
  • quantification of additives

Rubber products and plastic parts

Simplify the process and quality control by using automated solutions. Ensure high quality and dedicated properties of plastic parts, rubber products, industrial and consumer goods.

Typical applications:

  • quantification of additives and total extractables
  • extraction of coatings

Foils and packaging

Reach high recoveries and precision thank to concerted workflows with low user intervention. Ensure high quality of your products and support the research and development of films, foils and packaging materials by reliable laboratory results.

Typical applications:

  • determination of waxes, additives, total extractables
  • quantification of mineral oil contamination
polymer waste

Polymer waste

Get fast results for the quality control of waste polymers intended for recycling. Assess the risks of harmful compounds in waste polymers reliabley with high recoveries and precision thanks to automated systems.

Typical applications:

  • determination of residues, i.e. adhesives
  • determination of PCBs, flame retardants, phtalates

BUCHI Solutions

Discover the benefits of BUCHI's solutions for extraction, evaporation & concentration and NIR analysis.


The SpeedExtractor E-916 is your best solution for fast pressurized solvent extraction (PSE). Increase productivity by extracting up to six samples in parallel. Discover the concerted workflow of PSE with parallel evaporation using the MultivaporTM for unprecendeted speed and throughput.

Typical application: determination of extractables, additives and crosslinked share.

Extraction System B-811 / B-811 LSV

The Extraction System B-811 provides multiple extraction methods, including automated Soxhlet with high recovery rates and best precision.

Typical application: all extraction tasks to be done with classical Soxhlet as solvent extractables, additives or by-products from polymerisation process.

Multivapor™ P-6/12

The MultivaporTM P-6 / P-12 speeds up your sample evaporation for multiple samples. With its ease of use, the Multivapor is tailored to maximize efficiency. The collection vials of the SpeedExtractor E-914/E-916 are compatible and therefore no manual sample transfer is needed.

Typical application: evaporation to dryness for gravimetrical determination of extractables or cross-linked share.

NIR-Online Sensor

You need to control your processed tightly to reduce waste and optimize your manufacturing operation. Our industry-proven solutions for warehouse, laboratory as well as in-, on- and at-line production give you real-time control.

Typical application: determination of residual moisture and/or solvent; polymerisation end-point; raw material qualification, hydroxyl number measurement.

Melting Point M-560

Determination of melting point and melting range with high accuracy.

Typical application: determination of melting range of crystalline polymers.

Rotavapor® R-300

Convenient and efficient rotary evaporation from the market leader. The SpeedExtractor E-914 accommodates round bottom flask for solvent collection; the extracts can be evaporated directly with the rotavapor without manual sample transfer.

Typical application: evaporation of extracts for gravimetrical determination or concentration of extraction prior to analysis; solvent recycling.


Paper thimbles and filters are requested for a variety of applications, especially for the extraction of polymers which may melt under the specifically applied extraction conditions. BUCHI offers filters and thimbles with the optimal dimensions to fit the BUCHI extraction instruments.