Advanced User Training Spray Drying & Encapsulation

Spray Drying is a unique method to convert a solution, suspension or emulsion into a solid powder in one single process step. Also the immobilization of active ingredients in a protective matrix or shell enjoys increasing attention. Both techniques are offered by the BUCHI laboratory Spray Dryers and Encapsulator. The systems are optimal for feasibility studies, parameter optimization and manufacturing of small batches before you enter pilot or industrial production.

The methods are highly flexible and are widely established in many industries such as pharmaceuticals, food, chemical or material science. To learn more about the enormous potential of those processes BUCHI offers two-day training courses organized by certified personnel. It is the goal to provide our customers with a broad and serious overview of theory and practical manners. The following schedule lists the major parts that will be addressed during the training course. Besides, we also offer direct support individual preferences of the group.

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BUCHI Labortechnik AG


23.08.2017 - 24.08.2017

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Flawil, Switzerland