2021 Oct. 5

BUCHI Flux™ Console and Flux™ Link NIR – a new gateway to BUCHI NIR Cloud Services

Flawil, Switzerland, 05.10.2021 – Greater levels of functionality for BUCHI ProxiMate™ NIR instruments are enabled with the release of the new cloud hosted and web browser-based Flux™ Console.
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Offered on a subscription basis, Flux™ Console and partnering Flux™ Link NIR offer centralized application management, sample management, instrument management, user management, license management and an overview of audit trials. The flexible nature of Flux™ Link NIR allows users options to scale their NIR instrument network to precisely align with current and future requirements.

Flux™ Console enables a network of ProxiMate™ instruments, irrespective of their location, to be controlled from a central location via a web browser interface. Based on the latest generation IoT technology and offering full forward compatibility with future BUCHI NIR instruments, Flux™ Console provides a future proof solution that enhances the BUCHI ProxiMate™ NIR user experience.

Gain Insights Immediately

Administrators can not only instantly view measurement results, edit, and deploy applications, but also monitor and ensure adherence to quality standards. The global view of all on-going operations, provided by Flux™ Console, allows the performance of factories and instruments to be evaluated, ensuring quality and consistency from all global manufacturing locations. Flux™ Console allows users to view the real detail of individual measurements or assess trends at the press of a button. The User Experience is attractive, intuitive, and integrates seamlessly with BUCHI’s ProxiMate™, AutoCal functionality and the range of pre-calibrated applications provided for the Food & Feed sector.

Network: Add and remove instruments at any time

A Flux™ Link NIR subscription allows each ProxiMate™, within a company, to be added to the worldwide network offering a highly flexible, scalable approach to establish an NIR instrument network. The customer benefits are not only full governance and insights from results of analysis, but also give complete assurance that all instruments have been validated correctly and are performing as specified. “Control and confidence are two important customer benefits, but to reduce operating costs and improve laboratory network efficiencies via optimization of NIR methods and applications is the cherry on top”, said Dr. Antony Hartell, Product Manager NIRS Lab. at BUCHI, “the subscription to our new cloud-based FLUX services will make life easier, even when operating under demanding 24/7 operating conditions.”

Data safety, security and reliability

Flux is hosted by Microsoft Azure offering class-leading data security. Minor updates will be implemented automatically and will be a complimentary part of the Flux™ Link NIR subscription package.