BUCHI Cloud Services

Optimize productivity. Streamline processes. Stay secure.

BUCHI started offering first Cloud based services in 2015 with the introduction of the Monitor App. Now BUCHI Cloud has been expanded to a full service framework greatly simplifying daily tasks and supporting the maintenance of BUCHI solutions. BUCHI Cloud Services not only help you to remotely monitor the status of your instrument, but also to run fully automated evaporations, to send direct support requests from the BUCHI Monitor App and much more. Read more about the BUCHI Cloud benefits and how to get started with it below.

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Optimized productivity, streamlined processes and increased security with BUCHI Cloud Services

Contact a BUCHI expert with one click
Quick and effortless firmware updates
Maximize uptimes

eSupport: Request support directly from your MonitorApp

  • By the push of a button on your Monitor App request service support 
  • A local service technician will get in touch with you 
  • The request contains already all important information for a faster diagnose and repair  

Firmware Update: Always stay updated

  • Quick and effortless updates by the push of a button on BUCHI Monitor App
  • Free firmware updates for new features and bug fixes without any service technician intervention

SmartMonitor: Maintain before something fails

  • Push notifications when interaction is required 
  • Self-service tools monitor instruments for more uptime and convenience
  • Unplanned outages become predictable
  • Smart maintenance procedures extend lifetime of equipment

Live View: Manage the lab from wherever you are

The Monitor App allows you to monitor all BUCHI instruments on your mobile device from anywhere with the Live View fonction 

  • Real-time visualization of all process parameters 
  • Push notifications when manual interaction is required 
  • Overview of availability and condition of all instruments 

OpenInterface: connects your instruments together

OpenInterface allows to have an status overview of different BUCHI devices and to have communication between them

  • Connect you BUCHI devices together
  • Integrate your Rotavapor® in an automatized solution 
  • Let your dreams come true

ComeHere: Stay in touch with your colleagues

By the push of the ComeHere button on the local interface, the user can notify another user to take care of the Rotavapor

  • No more downtime waiting for users to come and get their flask 
  • Push notifications will be sent to the user to notify to ComeHere
  • Facilitated communication with all users

Monitor App

Monitor App paired with the Bluetooth Dongle will get you access to CloudServices

The Monitor App allows you to monitor all BUCHI instruments on your mobile device from anywhere. Real-time visualization of all process parameters. Push notifications when manual interaction is required. Overview of availability and conditiion of all instruments.

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The BUCHI Bluetooth Dongle

The key to access the BUCHI Cloud Services
The BUCHI Bluetooth® Dongle establishes a wireless connection to the BUCHI Cloud via the BUCHI Monitor App on your mobile device. You can use eSupport to contact the BUCHI experts, do hassle-free firmware updates. 
Request your BUCHI Bluetooth® Dongle

How to start

Request your BUCHI Bluetooth Dongle, install it on your Rotavapor and create a System Owner on the Monitor App.
The System Owner is the contact person for our digital services. Keep the System Owner always updated to receive fast replies to your support.
Now you have access to all the BUCHI Cloud features!

Request your Dongle!