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Solution «Spray Drying Large» (10 – 60 μm)

Laboratory Spray Drying with maximized particle size

Spray Drying solution large

You need a laboratory Spray Dryer which is able to produce very large particles and achieve a free flowing powder. We offer the market leading solution with the established Mini Spray Dryer B-290 and the new Ultrasonic nozzle.

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  • Achieve large particles in lab scale
  • Improved flow ability of the produced powder
  • Uniform particle shape and narrow size distribution
  • Work with low flow rates and small sample volumes


  • One instrument for different application technologies (spray drying and encapsulation)
  • Possible to work with an ultrasonic nozzle
  • Free access to application database with more than 400 studies

Easy to use

  • Easy control and manipulation
  • Shortest process times and fast cleaning
  • Process control due to glass assembly
  • Excellent transfer of results making scale up achievable
Spray Drying service

Service & Support

  • Free online application database
  • Customized application support
  • Authorized IQ / OQ documentation
  • Useful tools for application development
  • Training workshops
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Minimize downtime thanks to our service hotline