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NIR-Online «Pipe» Solution

Always full control – even for hot and pressurized materials

NIR-Online «Pipe» Solution

BUCHI NIR-Online® Pipe Solution gives rise to straightforward installation of our Process Analyzers to pipelines. Maximum installation flexibility is achieved by direct integration of our stainless steel adapters into the pipeline, thus separating the analyzer from the product flow. Our dedicated solution allows easy and reliable real-time determination of key parameters in gaseous, liquid, viscos or pasty products over a large temperature and pressure range. Operators may therefore immediately correct for process deviations maximizing profit margins.

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Proven process expertise

  • Analyzer is separated from product through robust sapphire window at all times
  • Suitable for high product temperatures with optional chiller and for large pressure ranges up to 20 bar
  • Cleaning in place with acidic/caustic substances or disinfectants possible via custom sealing materials

Easy to use

  • Simultaneous measurements of multiple parameters
  • Direct display of relevant parameters in control room for immediate operator response
  • Fully ATEX certified for utilization in potential explosive environments

Ease of installation

  • Large adapter portfolio to various DN, Tri-Clamp, Varinline, milk pipe and custom pipelines
  • Reliable measurements of transparent, colored or dark liquids and emulsions via different pathlength adapters
  • Fiber Free Port Adapter (FFPA) for straightforward integration to e.g. bioreactors
NIR-Online «InProcessControl» Solution

Service & Support

  • Basic operation training
  • Advanced software training
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Remote online support
  • Preventive maintenance