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News Releases

19.03.2020 | Dear customers, First of all, we would like to inform you that despite the prevailing situation regarding the coronavirus... Read more
13.03.2020 | In order to prevent the spread of the corona virus, more and more events are being cancelled or postponed in March and... Read more
26.08.2019 | Make your own Gin Gin is an old medicine, as well as a trendy liquor. The Juniper flavored spirit has been in existence... Read more
26.08.2019 | Lab equipment for purification and distiallation Whether it is utilizing industrial equipment, handing large volumes of... Read more
20.05.2019 | BÜCHI Labortechnik participated in the ‚New York Festivals – World’s Best TV & Films 2019’ festival and has won an... Read more
11.04.2019 | The new newsletter has arrived, also available online for download: „Pure“ Chromatographie platform Efficient synthesis... Read more
11.04.2019 | The wait is over! Our new product family for classic extraction is finally here! Offering convincing speed, maximum... Read more
11.04.2019 | As a robust and cost-effective NIR device, ProxiMateTM has been specially developed for the food and feed industry. The... Read more
11.04.2019 | Monte Ziego, a cheese-making dairy that exclusively uses organic goat‘s milk, has developed from a small local business... Read more
11.04.2019 | The right enzyme with the right substrate can work wonders in the asymmetric synthesis of complex organic compounds. To... Read more