BUCHI Update on SARS-CoV2 (Corona)

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26.04.2020 | Safety: so that all colleagues on site are safe on the road As in many other federal states, from next Monday onwards it... Read more
15.04.2020 | Lekkerkerk – an idyllic area at the gates of Rotterdam in the province of South Holland – not far from the famous mills... Read more
15.04.2020 | All that and much more is what the new Pure flash and prep HPLC chromatography systems offer. Highest performance levels... Read more
15.04.2020 | Freeze-drying is an extremely gentle method of sample preparation and formulation, and is used to improve sample... Read more
15.04.2020 | With the latest-generation unit from BUCHI, the KjelMaster K-375, Kjeldahl samples can be titrated as well as being... Read more
15.04.2020 | BUCHI is presenting a new product family for classic extraction offering convincing qualities such as speed, maximum... Read more
15.04.2020 | In environmental and residue analysis, the extraction process for the determination of various contaminants in solid or... Read more
01.07.2020 | Update Flawil, 01.07.2020: The SARS-CoV2 (Corona) virus is now present practically all over the world and has had a... Read more
13.03.2020 | In order to prevent the spread of the corona virus, more and more events are being cancelled or postponed in March and... Read more
26.08.2019 | Make your own Gin Gin is an old medicine, as well as a trendy liquor. The Juniper flavored spirit has been in existence... Read more