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Quality Control of organic goat‘s milk products using near-infrared technology

Monte Ziego


Monte Ziego, a cheese-making dairy that exclusively uses organic goat‘s milk, has developed from a small local business in Baden with just 2 goats of its own to Germany‘s largest artisan goat‘s milk cheese-maker within a few years. Established in the Black Forest in 2000, the business now also has international trading partners and sales markets, relates managing director Martin Buhl. The milk from about 1,500 goats is purchased from 19 organic farms in the region and processed into around 170 tonnes of cheese a year.

So that the quality of the organic products can be kept at a constantly high level, parameters such as fat, dry mass, protein, salt and lactose are monitored using BÜCHI near-infrared (NIR) technology. The benefits of the analysis technology, according to Mrs. Walter from the Quality Management department, are that processes can be quickly approved, fully documented and complaints avoided. With its IP66 protection rating and hygienic design combined with touch-screen display and intuitive user interface, the ProxiMateTM forms an important part of the quality control process.

Further expansion of the operation at the Teningen site involving the construction of a spray drying plant for goat‘s milk is due to be completed before the end of 2020. The new facility will also make use of BÜCHI NIR technology in the form of process analysis equipment for real-time monitoring of goat milk powder production.


Many Thanks to  Monte Ziego GmbH & Co. KG, Mrs. Martin Buhl for the contribution and the picture material.

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