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Most robust NIR-spectrometer for the food and feed industry



As a robust and cost-effective NIR device, ProxiMateTM has been specially developed for the food and feed industry. The robust instrument shows a high resistance to all common cleaning agents. Its hygienic design is based only on FDA approved materials. The ProxiMateTM provides users with fast and accurate data on essential parameters during various stages of food production.

“The harsh environment in food and feed processing facilities makes it challenging to quickly and reliably analyse samples for quality control or process optimisation purposes,” said Vahé Iplikci, Director Business Unit Food & Feed at BUCHI. “With ProxiMate™ we have created an NIR pectrometer that offers class leading performance and unrivalled robustness demonstrated by IP 66 Ingress Protection certification against water and dust. The hygienic, intelligently designed instrument is atline ready, which enables analysis of samples from many stages of production.” 

ProxiMateTM has also been optimised for easy operation and cost-efficient sample processing. The system offers autocalibration capabilities with targeted pre-installed calibrations, an intuitive touchscreen interface and a user-friendly operating system with a report editor. The ProxiMateTM has been standardised to allow for seamless integration with other BÜCHI production line and laboratory NIR instruments, as well as easy transfer from any other legacy spectrometers.


“Our newest NIR-spectrometer caters only to the food and feed industries and is therefore designed to precisely and cost-efficiently meet their needs,” continued Mr. Iplikci. “With its unique down-view option, ProxiMateTM is suitable for sample analysis in glassfree production environments or with large sample dishes for products with inhomogeneous distribution. The wide wavelength range of the machine allows for measurement of parameters that are independent of NIR such as colour and degree of bake or roast, as well as for improved calibration accuracy.”

ProxiMateTM meets the latest requirements of hygienic design and has been endorsed by the food hygiene agency HALAG. Specifically, the NIR-spectrometer enables accurate measurement of fat, protein, carbohydrate and moisture content for dairy, meat, grain, edible oil and feed processing applications. 

The newest NIR-spectrometer complements BÜCHI’s existing line of NIR solutions, which including NIROnlineNIRMasterTM and NIRFlex N-500 instruments for applications in research and development and manufacturing in the pharmaceutical, chemical, food, beverage and feed industries.


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