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Incoming inspection & QC (Chemical)

Inspection of the incoming goods and final quality control are prerequisites for ensuring desired quality of your products. Several technologies can be used to achieve these goals:

  • Convenient use of multi-bundle fiber NIR optic probes offer reliable and precise direct qualitative analysis.
  • Kjeldahl is the method of choice for nitrogen and protein determination
  • The very accurate determination of melting or boiling point is a fast way to check the purity level.

With our systems, we provide you rapid and reliable material identity verification of a broad range of solids and liquids material at the point of need. Priority manners are focused on minimizing unwanted effects in the manufacturing process and avoiding defects in the final products.

  Fiber Optic Solids Nitrogen and protein Melting Point & Boiling Point
Technology FT-NIR Kjeldahl Melting and boiling point determination
Typical samples API’s, Excipients,  Vaccine, toxins, blood plasma, peptides Small organic compounds
Compliance CFR 21 Part 11 CFR 21 Part 11 annex 11 Ph. Eur., USP XXI 741 and JP
Ph. Eur. 2.5.9 / 2.5.33
USP 461
Application Notes Applications  Kjeldahl Chemical applications  
Case studies   Kjeldahl Chemical customers