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Nitrogen Determination

Monitoring of organic and inorganic nitrogen is important to ensure the quality of fresh and waste water, agricultural soils and air. Either the total nitrogen content or the different species (e.g. organic nitrogen, inorganic nitrogen, ammonia, nitrate, urea) are of interest. Nitrogen is one of the main factors contributing to algae growth in water. If lake water contains too much nitrogen, this is an indicator of pollution from manure or fertilizers and leads to low oxygen content in the water harming aquatic organisms.

  Kjeldahl Steam distillation
Method Digestion and steam distillation Steam distillation
Samples Water, soil, waste Water, fly ash
Analytes (e.g.) Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen (TKN), urea Steam volatile compounds as ammonia, nitrate and nitrite (Devarda), phenol
Application overview Kjeldahl Applications Distillation Application
Case studies Case studies