BUCHI Update on SARS-CoV2 (Corona)

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Environmental soil, water, air and waste samples are usually extracted with an organic solvent which is subsequently concentrated before final analysis to overcome detection limits. Our time saving, flexible and highly efficient solutions guarantee maximum reproducibility and highest recovery rates.

  Syncore® Analyst Multivapor Rotavapor®
Sample volume 5-500 mL 0.5-240 mL 50 mL – 5 L
Samples processed in parallel 4, 6 or 12 6 or 12 1
Residual volume 0.3 mL or 1 mL - -
Application overview Application Application Application


  Freeze Drying        
Sample volume 200 - 6000 mL    
Samples processed in parallel 1-12    
Residual volume    
Application overview Application