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Lutein in microbeads and core-shell microcapsules

Production of Ca-alginate microbeads and uniform core-shell microcapsules
Lutein in microbeads and core-shell microcapsules

Lutein is a naturally and commonly occurring carotenoid found in plants. It is red-orange colored and has antioxidant properties, hence, it is oxygen sensitive. Furthermore, it is basically insoluble in water. Lutein together with the carotenoid zeaxanthin is found in human eye’s retina and is important for seeing.

The aim of this study was to protect the antioxidant from oxidation, by making it dispersable in water. Therefore, lutein microbeads and microcapsules are produced using the Flow Vibration Nozzle and Concentric Nozzle systems on the Encapsulator B-390 and B-395 Pro. Microbeads are spherical, homogeneous beads while microcapsules consist of a core and a shell of different composition.