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The present role of microencapsulation

Prilling by Vibration technology opens up new possibilities / best@buchi 67/2014

The simplistic nature of the BUCHI Encapsulator should help further improve and expand the applications of microencapsulation technology in many fields. To-date this hasn’t always been possible due to the unavailability of suitable production techniques to produce the required microcapsules with the desired characteristics. For manufactures this will lead to the establishment of new products, improvement of existing ones (by delivering new functionality), or in some cases completely redefine the role of a commodity.

Delivering new product functionality is seen by many as the most important feature of the technology as it will help extend a products life-cycle as well as increasing market share – all without having to develop a completely new product.

Furthermore as expressed by many international experts in medicine and biotechnology, further developments in microencapsulation also has the potential to help scientists to make breakthroughs in treating and preventing many incurable diseases.

Due to its many existing and potential applications in many diverse areas, microencapsulation has already received much attention from both academic and commercial bodies. For the future its further development is seen as a major interest both from an economic and scientific point of view.

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