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Production of Kollidon® 30 particles

Kollidon® 30 as a suitable encapsulant for nano spray drying processes in water and organic solvent
Production of Kollidon 30 Particles

In order to improve the dissolution property of poorly water-soluble drugs, solid dispersion methods have been used and described in the recent years such as fusion, solvent evaporation or spray drying.

Kollidon® 30 is a polyvinylpyrrolidone polymer soluble in water and many organic solvents. It is used as excipient in the pharmaceutical industry for the microencapsulation of drugs. It is mainly applied as a binder for granules and tablets, to improve the bioavailability of hardly soluble active compounds or in the field of controlled release.

In this study, Kollidon® 30 particles will be produced from aqueous and organic solutions using the Nano Spray-Dryer B-90 HP.

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