BUCHI Update on SARS-CoV2 (Corona)

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Formulation of particles, beads or capsules with your active pharmaceutical ingredients, drug delivery, vaccines or inhalable drugs can easily be done with the equipment from BUCHI. If you want to simply dry a sample or protect your target materials with further controlled or target release, we have the solution that covers all your needs.

  Spray Drying Small Spray Drying Medium Prilling by Vibration
Particle size 200 nm – 5 µm 2 – 25 µm 100 – 3000 µm
SEM image SEM image SEM image
Yield Up to 90 % Up to 70 % Up to 100 %
Sample throughput 200 mL / h 1 L / h 600 mL / h
Application overview Application Application Application


  Freeze Drying L-200    
Particle size Up to µm scale    
SEM image    
Yield Up to 100 %    
Sample throughput Batchwise or continuous operation    
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