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Your Evaporation Guide – Temperature difference

Achieve higher distillation efficiency when using a rotary evaporator – Impact of temperature differences
optimal temp v 1.03

There is a direct relationship between the heating bath temperature and the evaporation rate. The more energy applied to the evaporation side, and at the same time removed from the condensation side, the more efficient is the distillation. Furthermore, sufficient cooling as well as an appropriate and stable under pressure are crucial for efficient distillation. On the other hand, the consumption of electrical energy is comparatively greater at higher temperatures. Moreover, some samples are thermo-sensitive, thus exacerbating the circumstances. Therefore the respective parameters have to be fine-tuned to the individual sample and application. The “Delta 20 Rule” is a guideline to compromise between high evaporation output and energy usage. For instance, using the 10/30/50 parameters is appropriate for the evaporation process in order to bring in and to carry off the accumulated energy efficiently. 

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