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Solution «Prilling by Vibration Wet» (150 – 2000 μm)

Formation of beads and capsules of various materials

Encapsulator B-395 Pro

You wish to encapsulate various materials into a polymeric matrix. We offer the creative solution using vibrating technology (prilling) to form beads and capsules, even with extremely sensitive and expensive materials.

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  • Gentle conditions allow sensitive materials to be used (e.g. animal cells and microorganism)
  • Sterile applications with the reactions vessel of the Encapsulator B-395 Pro
  • Documentation available for GMP


  • Real-time visualization of the bead / capsule production process with built-in stroboscopic lamp
  • Formation of size controlled beads and capsules
  • For a wide range of polymer shell materials

Easy operation

  • Intuitive manipulation of the different process parameters
  • Short cleaning and setup times due to ergonomic design
  • Minimal downtime and maintenance thanks to robustness and durability

Voice of the customer

“The BUCHI Encapsulator B-395 Pro is the instrument of choice on the market for the sterile encapsulation of cells into polymeric beads and capsules, and is integretable into a GMP process.”

Prof. Bice Conti
Université de Pavia, Lab. Pharmaceutical Technology and Law (PT&L), Dept. Drug Sciences, Italie
Encapsulator B-390 / B-395 service

Service & Support

  • Customized application support
  • Tools for particle formation
  • Application database
  • Workshop training
  • Documentation for GMP
  • Minimize downtimes thanks to our service hotline
  • Preventive maintenance IQ/OQ
Encapsulator B-390 / B-395 laboratory

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