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Solution «Industrial Evaporation Production»

Large volumes and high throughput


You perform distillations and concentrations of large batches in a fast yet careful way. The «Industrial Evaporation Production» solution allows you to evaporate sample volumes of up to 30 liter at once in a comfortable way while achieving high performance.

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Highest performance

  • Large batches in a 50 liter evaporating flask
  • Fast distillation due to the powerful heating bath (6.6 kW)
  • Perfect synchronization with Vacuum Controller


  • Intuitive operation of the system
  • Easy and safe handling of the 50 liter flask due to unique flask coupling


  • Exclusive use of corrosion-free stainless steel
  • Highly chemical resistant materials
  • Robust industrial valves
Service & Support

Service & Support

  • Distillation Record Software
  • Qualification IQ/OQ
  • FDA compliant components
  • Customization
  • Workshops trainings
  • Minimize downtime thanks to our service hotline
  • Preventive maintenance
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