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CEFAS, location; Lowestoft, East Anglia, UK

“SpeedExtractor is an exhaustive, reliable and quick system for the extraction of environmental samples. It speeds up and helps us during our sample treatment step.”



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Dr S. Losada, Analytical Research Chemist

Company / Institution

CEFAS, location; Lowestoft, East Anglia, UK

Product lines


SpeedExtractor E-916

The SpeedExtractor is your best solution for fast Pressurized Solvent Extraction (PSE). Increase productivity by processing up to 6 samples in parallel. Streamline the workflow of your sample preparation thanks to ease of sample loading and ready-to-use extract collection.

Syncore® Analyst

The Syncore® Analyst offers efficient, gentle, and environmentally friendly parallel concentration. With its clever design cross-contamination can be inhibited and recoveries are maximized. Profit from the wide range of complementary products to tailor your sample workup to your needs.


Solution «Extraction Throughput»

You need analytical results as fast as possible and you have to contend with high sample loads. We offer a combined solution for pressurized solvent extraction (PSE) with unprecedented speed and throughput for a wide variety of application fields.