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Nitrogen determination in water and waste water

“The implementation of the automated BUCHI Kjeldahl solution went above our expectation.”



Customer name

Paul Maan, Team Manager Chemistry

Company / Institution

Aquon, The Netherlands


As the KjelMaster is more convenient than the FOSS 2460 there is less handling and supervision, and this saves a lot of time. The maintenance interval is less frequent which reduces the running costs.

Product lines


KjelMaster K-375

We provide solutions for both potentiometric and colorimetric titrations. The KjelMaster K-375 meets the highest demands in usability, automation, user administration and sophisticated data management.


The Kjeldahl method KjelDigester reduces the block digestion process by up to two hours and meets the highest safety requirements. The high degree of automation is the perfect match to the KjelMaster System allowing for unprecedented sample throughput.

Scrubber K-415

The Scrubber with its four cleaning steps provides maximum safety. It protects the user and the environment not only by neutralizing the poisonous fumes and reaction gases but also by minimizing the use of cooling water.

KjelSampler K-377

The KjelSampler K-376 or K-377 in combination with the KjelMaster K-375 meets upmost demands in high throughput Kjeldahl determination. The system provides a maximum degree of automation and flexibility.


Solution «Kjeldahl Throughput»

You cope with ever increasing sample loads for nitrogen determination according to Kjeldahl, with rising costs per analysis and requirements for thorough documentation. We offer a solution for analyzing up to 120 samples in a one-person working day, providing a maximum degree of automation in sample and data processing.