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News Releases

21.09.2017 | BUCHI develops and offers efficient and reliable techniques for protein, fat, moisture, ash and carbohydrates... Read more
14.06.2017 | BUCHI extends its Chromatography portfolio and now offers the new FlashPure range with more than 170 flash cartridges.... Read more
18.04.2017 | BÜCHI Labortechnik, market leader in laboratory evaporation, introduces the modular LyovaporTM platform for freeze drying... Read more
13.03.2017 | The KjelFlex K-360 distillation unit can be flexibly adapted to individual requirements at any time – before or after... Read more
13.03.2017 | NIR-Online Multipoint, the patented, innovative solution for process monitoring along the entire process chain, has... Read more
13.03.2017 | The 2nd generation of the B-90 HP nano spray-dryer offers increased productivity and easier device handling. It enables... Read more
13.03.2017 | Apart from the familiar Reveleris PREP and X2 systems with integrated ELS detector (light scatter detector) and all its... Read more
13.03.2017 | Since the company was established ten years ago, Axon Medchem has already synthesised almost two thousand different... Read more
13.03.2017 | BUCHI‘s new R-220 Pro industrial 20-litre rotary evaporator combines extremely easy operation with maximum reliability... Read more
13.03.2017 | BUCHI has been developing and producing laboratory equipment in house since 1939. And that is not about to change. The... Read more