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Kjeldahl with potentiometric or colorimetric titration

The KjelMaster system fulfills all requirements!

With the newest BÜCHI generation, KjelMaster K-375, Kjeldahl samples can be distilled and titrated using the integrated titrator.The possibility of selecting either potentiometric or colorimetric endpoint detection for the titration is unique.

Each procedure is officially approved according to AOAC, DIN/ISO and EPA. Changing is quick and easy – without modification of the unit or the titrator – by inserting one of the sensors.

The KjelMaster K-375 can be fitted with an autosampler for fully automated operation. There are two models to choose from, depending on the sample throughput: The KjelSampler K-376 can process up to 24 samples; the K-377 can process up to 40 samples in two separate 20 sample racks. In this way, continuous operation is possible: While one rack is measured, the second rack can already be programmed and subsequently inserted. It is space-saving due to its compact construction. Both complete systems can be installed directly on any laboratory bench.

Nitrogen and protein determination according to Kjeldahl generally requires the following three work steps: A digestion is normally necessary before the distillation and titration. For this, BÜCHI offers two new digestion units, the KjelDigesters K-446 and K-449, as the optimal extension to the KjelMaster system. They sparkle with numerous positive properties, for example, an improved sealing system. Another advantage is that the sample rack can be placed directly into the autosampler, and therefore the tubes do not need to be moved manually.

The Scrubber K-415 completes the Kjeldahl system, as it neutralises the acid vapours produced during digestion and ensures clean air in the laboratory. Are you interested in our perfectly designed KjelMaster systems?

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