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Proximate Analysis (Feed)

BUCHI’s solutions for proximate analysis of animal feedstuffs are developed to provide a top level, very broad classification of feed components for legislative purposes. Four standard constituents can easily be obtained via chemical reactions and experiments by BUCHI, and are an inexpensive way to track deviations from the quality and composition of feed and feed ingredients.

  Extraction Kjeldahl NIR Incineration
Analyte Fat Protein and Nitrogen Fat, Protein, Salt, Ash Ash
Analytical method Soxhlet (reference) Kjeldahl (reference) Screening (indirect) Ashing
Limit of detection (LOD) 10 mg 0.02 mg N 0.10% -
Throughput in 9 hours 18 samples up to 120 samples ~190 samples 12
Application overview Applications Extraction Applications Kjeldahl Applications NIR  
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