Controls production quality in real time

NIR-Online Sensor



Closely monitoring key parameters such as moisture, fat or protein is critical to correct deviations of any manufacturing process. NIR-OnlineTM spectroscopy provides full control by continuously delivering accurate measurements within seconds.

Your most important benefits: 


  • Comprehensive information through multiple measurement options in one unit (NIR, VIS, High Resolution CCD Camera)
  • Rapidly controls relevant key parameters of the product simultaneously in real time
  • Fast measurement of moving products

Ease of use

  • Easy operation with optimized user interface permanently monitoring your product quality
  • Ready to use as well as customized accessories for best process adaptation
  • Effortless method optimization by autocalibration function
  • Instant documentation through automated report generation and auditing function


  • Continuous operation due to twin-lamp safeguard even in case of lamp failure
  • Robust and ingress protected spectrometer up to IP68 and ATEX certified
  • Industrial suited design copes with rough conditions like vibrations