Pressurized water extraction of thyme using the SpeedExtractor

Extract essential oils and polyphenols from plant materials using the BUCHI SpeedExtractor E-914.
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Solutions for alcoholic beverages

Improve the recipes and the quality of your drinks. We offer ingenious solutions for the entire alcoholic beverages production cycle from the raw material to the finished product.
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All-in-one purification system

The new PrepChrom C-700 offers an interactive user interface, and simultaneously enables an easy and fast purification process using both Flash and Prep HPLC columns.
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High performance distillation of large volumes

Explore the new Rotavapor® R-220 SE with an increased distillation rate of 35 % for high throughput applications.
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India Institute of Chemical Technology, India

Voice of the customer

The BUCHI Rotavapor® is the most popular system in laboratories. We have used it for more than 25 years.

Dr. Ahmed Kamal and Dr. M. Venkateswara
Indian Institute of Chemical Technology, India


For 75 years BUCHI is a leading solution provider in laboratory technology for R & D, quality control and production worldwide.

We serve a wide range of industries such as chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food & beverage, feed, environmental analysis or academia.


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