Rotavapor® R-215

Excellence in evaporation

Rotavapor® R-215


The R-215 meets highest applicative demands in R&D and quality control. The controller as well as a wide range of other optional products, vacuum pumps, recirculating chillers, glassware and accessories enable the highest degree of efficiency and fully automated operations.
Your most important benefits: 


  • Maximum reproducibility guaranteed by display of vapor temperature and rotation speed
  • Covers widest applicational needs thanks to wide temperature range of the heating bath (20 - 180 °C)
  • No thermal overloading in case of power failure due to automatic flask raising


  • Easy flask and vapor duct removal thanks to the multifunctional Combi-Clip
  • Direct access to frequently used settings for intuitive handling
  • Easy refilling and cleaning due to heating bath with quick-release-system
  • Comfortable operation thanks to ergonomic electric lift with quick-action jack


  • Largest range of applications thanks to seven available glass assemblies
  • Different heating baths allows flask sizes up to 5 liters
  • Covering most needs due to wide range of complementary products and accessories
  • Precise and reproducible results guaranteed with an optional vacuum controller