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Solution «Protein Determination Dumas»

Dumas: unattended operation and “random access”


You cope with high sample loads for QC and declaration purposes with little changes in the sample matrices. Our solution «Protein Determination Dumas» offers sample throughput of up to 300 samples per day, overnight operation without supervision and an easy-to-use operation concept.

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Unattended and fast

  • Rapid analysis times of approximately 4 minutes per sample
  • Up to 300 samples per day with integrated autosampler (60 samples, ≤ 1 g or 120 samples,    ≤ 300 mg)
  • Unattended operation thanks to autosampler without any need of sample stacking
  • Quick evaluation of suspect samples for at-line production control or quality control purposes

Easy to use

  •  Highest process flexibility as intelligent software allows for changing sequences at any time (“random access”)
  • Highest reliability  with computer-assisted leak check (gas flow, pressures)

Safe and cost efficient

  • No direct contact with hazardous chemicals
  • No risk of burns as the product is well insulated and protected
  • Maximize up times with innovative, long-life Regainer-Reductor technology
  • Save costs for consumables using lower priced carbon dioxide as carrier gas instead of helium

Voice of the customer

"On-site, rapid and accurate determination of protein has proved invaluable and compliments our NIR detection systems. It has been especially useful for our wet fresh meat samples and QC throughout our meat kitchens and Freshtrusion production facility. I would recommend the equipment."

James Lawson
Joint MD GA Pet Food Partners, United Kingdom

Service & Support

  • Customized application support
  • Authorized IQ/OQ documentation and preventive maintenance
  • Practical workshops, training and seminars
  • Minimize downtime thanks to our local support